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Dear God, guide us at Trinity Episcopal Church to be an inclusive and caring Christ-centered community nurtured by our worship and tradition. We ask you to strengthen and guide us as we live out our mission to welcome and celebrate the diversity of all people through spiritual education, growth in faith and service in Christ’s Name. Amen.

Trinity Church Outdoor Gathering

Morning Prayer  October 18th, 9am

Please be join us in person or via YouTube.  We anticipate a great deal of joyful noise and meaningful prayer as we experience and celebrate the love of God in Christ together.

Please let us know you plan on attending

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Election Night Prayer
Gather for an outdoor candlelight vigil as we pray for a peaceful transition to a time when we will once again see the face of God in each other, no matter how passionate our differences. All faiths are welcome!

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

Wednesday Evening Prayer

Evening Prayer with Sykes & Wiley returns on September 16th! Find the duo live at 6pm on YouTube Link

Thursday Noon Bible Study

Brown Bag Bible Study starting September 17th! Grab a sandwich and your Bible to join in a discussion of weekly lectionary readings.

Join Beatitudes Small Groups

Small Groups on ZOOM

The Beatitudes: An Illustrated Curriculum is a twelve-session, verse-by-verse study of the Beatitudes from the Gospel of Matthew.
1 Hour format includes: prayer time, sharing our stories.

Online Worship Archive

An archive video of the six most recent worship services available for viewing and can be accessed via the button below.

A Phased Approach to Regathering as Church: A message from the bishops of Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia

The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland – Sunday Service

Grace & Peace to You From Our Lord Jesus Christ
Message from Rev. Rhetta Wiley

Your Trinity staff has started sneaking back to the office to make plans for the summer and the program year ahead. As the Coronavirus Pandemic evolves, we are pivoting to a new schedule for the summer. We are shifting our emphasis during the week from the Daily Office to formation, and the Sunday schedule is shifting entirely to the morning

  • Weekday Evening prayer will end after Friday, June 26.
  • Beginning Wednesday, July 1, we will have weekly Zoom Bible study link at 7pm followed by Compline. Compline (but not Bible study) will be live streamed on YouTube. This study will follow the lectionary which can be found at this link. I strongly recommend this group for keeping connected with the lectionary over the summer.
  • Beginning Sunday, July 5, we will have 9 am morning prayer from the Lee Chapel via Zoom, followed by hospitality hour. Morning Prayer (but not hospitality hour) will be live streamed on YouTube. This is to get us all use to meeting early again in anticipation of regathering in August or September. Links will be communicated later this week.

I am also seeking volunteers to lead morning prayer with me–and for 2 Sundays without me. For the month of July, I want and need lay people to learn how lead the Daily office via Zoom from the Lee Chapel. If you are interested, please contact Jill Dumser at office@trinitychurchtowson.org.

Godly Play will be the core of both children’s formation and Small Groups which are currently forming on both Sunday morning and during the week. Each week, we will watch and discuss a video of a Godly Play story, and then I will preach on the same story the following Sunday.

We will follow a 10-week balanced series of stories from both the Old and New Testaments.Small groups are usually oriented toward adult formation, but I encourage families to view and discuss the videos together also.It will help the whole family connect better with the sermon for the week, and it will allow us all of us to go much deeper together into some of the foundational stories about our faith.

I’m very excited about this plan, and if it works well for us, we will continue it through the rest of Ordinary Time (up until Advent) even after we regather. We are living in Extra-Ordinary Time. Let’s keep the faith as we move forward!

Rev. Rhetta Wiley


Regathering Message

Regathering Message

The most important thing for you to know is that I remain available to you through the pastoral care line (410) 470-5539 no matter what rules are put in place by authorities. While the loving Spirit of God is always waiting for you in your own prayers, I am honored to support you in that in whatever way I can. Now for the news.

On May 8th we initiated planning for our return to worshiping in person. A group of clergy, lay leaders, and staff gathered to review the guidelines provided by the Dioceses of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC—a link to that document is here—and begin considering how we will resume all our in-person ministries. Bishop Sutton has informed us that he will not allow parishes to resume in-person worship until we have a written plan in place that conforms to these guidelines.

Maryland authorities will most likely allow our largest ministries, the Surprise Shop and Trinity Preschool, to resume operations soonest. Erin Woodward and Peggy Weller have already begun a plan with the shop board, as has Amanda Dean with her team and the school board. Beginning this week, we will start drawing up a phased plan for resuming worship, formation, and in-person pastoral care.

Trinity’s “Regathering Task Force” includes your wardens, church staff and clergy plus Eric Bass, Melissa Jenkins, and Joel Moore. We will work in consultation with your Vestry and with you by survey over the next 2-3 weeks. We will be assessing

  • how we adapt our mission to a COVID-19 reality,
  • what recommendations to make specific to religious services,
  • how we best protect and involve our most vulnerable members,
  • how to maintain unity while making multiple options available to members of the congregation with differing levels of comfort/vulnerability,
  • and how to communicate information as decisions are made.

From there we will draw up a phased plan that takes into account the likelihood of additional waves of viral outbreak over the coming months. This will include not only how we orchestrate liturgy, but putting in place permanent online options for worship and formation—especially education in how to participate in online community! I welcome your comments, questions, and concerns. Most of all I thank you for your prayers and your faithfulness.

Meanwhile, please know that you are in my prayers, and that we will get through this together. Our God is the source of Resurrection, and out of this shadowed valley new life will surely grow.

in peace,

Rev. Rhetta Wiley

COVID-19 Building Usage

Trinity Episcopal Church

April 6, 2020

Dear members of the Trinity Towson family,

I am sending out this letter to clarify and advise how we are to use our various buildings during this time of the COVID-19 outbreak and Governor Hogan’s Stay-at-Home order.

At this time, we are closed to the public.

  • Public worship is suspended until at least May 16, 2020.
  • The church office is closed to the public until at least May 17, 2020.
  • Trinity Episcopal Preschool is closed through April 24, 2020.
  • The Surprise shop is also closed through April 24, 2020.
  • All outside community activities are suspended until at least May 17.

The following activities are currently the only legitimate uses of our buildings, in compliance with Bishop Sutton’s and Governor Hogan’s directives.

  • ACTC is using our Guild Room. Pat Shaw and Cathy Evans have access to the building during the week, but the bulk of the work happens:
    • Wednesdays, when the Maryland Food Bank makes its delivery, and 5 volunteers unload food into the Guild Room,
    • Sundays, when 5-7 volunteers are packing bags to take over to ACTC for distribution throughout the week.
    • All volunteers are wearing masks and gloves.
  • Staff members are coming in as needed, but mostly working from home.
    • Hardwick, Kathleen and I (plus my wife Mary) come in to live stream Sunday evening worship. Some of our professional choir members are sometimes participating. Kathleen is also streaming Godly Play. At most we are 7 per gathering and are all strictly maintaining the recommended distance of 6 ft.
    • Jen and Jill come in occasionally to pick up mail, etc.
    • Luis is using this time to do deep cleaning of all our buildings.
    • Trinity the Cat is practicing exemplary social distancing but thriving under the care of her extensive fan base.

Thank you for honoring these restrictions. Please take some time to pray for a swift end to this crisis, and that we all find patience, compassion, and strength in the meantime. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy, and know that God remains with us through it all.

In peace,
Rev. Rhetta Wiley

Coronavirus: Staying Healthy

Covid-19 is in Maryland.
Here is information for you to keep healthy during this outbreak.

What does it look like if you have it?

  • Most people (80%) have fever, cough and cold/flu symptoms.
  • 20% are sick enough to require hospital care, and half of these people need ICU care.

Coronavirus mortality risk

  • According to Dr. Eric Bass “estimates are changing day to day as we obtain more information.”
  • We do know that “the fatality rates increase with age, to about 10% in people over age 70.”
  • “Although fatality rates are much lower in young people, we’re hearing more reports of deaths in young people because so many people have the infection.”

Covid-19 is 30 times more deadly than influenza.

How it spreads

  • Coronavirus is very contagious. It’s transmitted by droplets (sneeze/cough), or contact.
  • It stays on hard surfaces (doorknobs, elevator buttons, credit card keypads) for up to 9 days.
  • Infected people carry the virus for 2-14 days before they get sick. They feel and look fine, but they are contagious this whole time.

Waiting until there is significant illness in your community is too late
because you can’t tell who is sick – and neither can they.

Is all this concern overblown?

  • Coronavirus is unlike any infection we’ve seen in over 100 years. It spreads faster, affects more people, and is more contagious than flu.
  • As of April 6, 2020, there were 4,045 in Maryland alone.

Half to two-thirds of US population is expected to develop COVID19.
The US healthcare system is already getting overwhelmed.

What can we do?

Slowing the spread and “flattening the curve” will help to slow the rate we are overwhelming hospitals.

Flattening the CurveWhat to do to flatten the curve?

  1. Stay home now, whether you are healthy or ill.
  2. Avoid public places.
  3. Wash your hands
  4. Don’t touch your face.
  5. No play dates, sleepovers, or visiting.
  6. Shop online, or limit grocery store visits.
  7. Stay 6 feet away from people. You may have to ask them to back up.
  8. Wash your hands immediately when you reenter your home.

If you get sick…

  1. Stay at home.
  2. Use a separate room (if possible) to protect your family
  3. Call your doctor / health team if you have a fever, especially if they have a new cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, muscle aches, or sudden loss of smell or taste, or if you have any symptoms and been exposed to someone with test-confirmed COVID-19.
  4. It is particularly important to seek medical advice if there is shortness of breath at rest.

So what is safe?

  • Outdoor activities like walking, jogging, biking, hiking, or gardening are fine as long as you are 6 feet away from others.
  • It is also recommended that you wear a mask over your nose and mouth.
  • STAY HOME, call a friend, and pray with your fellow parishioners online.

Use your influence:

To encourage people to practice healthy behaviors like

  • Staying Home,
  • Handwashing,
  • Keeping Physical Distance if you must go out, and
  • Staying Socially Connected by Phone and Internet.

With God’s help and these sensible strategies, we should be able to save lives and come through this crisis with our health and wellbeing intact.  Keep the Faith!

For pastoral emergencies please call

Mother Rhetta at 443-470-5539


We anticipate that the COVID-19 crisis will continue to have an economic impact on all of us. Please continue to fulfill your pledges as you are able by one of the following methods.

  • Mail checks to
    Trinity Episcopal Church
    120 Allegheny Ave
    Towson, MD 21204
  • Set up automatic payments through your bank’s online Bill Pay function. You may need to call your bank for assistance with this.
  • Use our online donation system. Please note that this system takes a fee from your donation. Click to use this system
  • Give through the Diocesan website: Click to use this option

If you find that you are not able to meet your pledge for some reason, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

In addition, our business manager Jen Korczakowski has set us up as a charity through Amazon Smile. I encourage you to use this option as a way to send us a little something (0.5%) every time you shop. Many of you know that I am not an Amazon fan, but if you rely on it, by all means use it to support Trinity.

  1. Visit Amazon Smile
  2. Sign in with your Amazon.com credentials
  3. Select your charity – Choose Trinity Episcopal Church in Towson
  4. Start shopping!
  5. Add a bookmark for Amazon Smile to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile

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