Come and Measure the Temple of God

Then I was given a measuring rod like a staff, and I was told,
“Come and measure the temple of God
and the altar and those who worship there.”
                                      Revelation 11:1


BYO Dirt and/or Stick

Rogation Sunday, the Sunday before Ascension Day, is traditionally a day when we raise our voices to God in supplication for health, prosperity, justice, and well-being for ourselves, the community, and the whole world. If you’re coming to the 8am or 10:15am service, don’t forget to bring some dirt from your garden or yard. If you live in a retirement community, sneak out to the bushes, and snatch a little mulch from the beds. We will mix up our dirt, bless it, and redistribute it for us to return to our little corner of creation.

It is an old English practice for the local priest to lead a procession around the boundaries of the parish praying for God’s blessing on our farms and gardens, homes and businesses, our government and social services, our military and medical facilities, our air and water, and for health, justice, and wellbeing for everyone everywhere. With sticks, bundles of twigs, or brooms, the people “beat the bounds” in benediction. Bring your own stick or broom at 4pm on Sunday to join in just such a joyful procession around our property!


Baltimore Pride is June 15-16

Our sister congregations, Unity Fellowship of Baltimore, and Unity Fellowship of Columbia, have asked us to join them in a contingent for the Baltimore Pride Parade on Saturday, June 15, and at a table for the Pride Family Festival on Sunday, June 16. This is an exceptional opportunity to reach out to people who have been deeply wounded by the lie that God utterly rejects them. A handful of Trinity folks have already accepted the invitation to show God’s abundant love at one or both events. If you’d like to help with the coordination and planning between our three congregations, contact me for the link to join our Zoom meeting.