Trinity  Altar Christmas 2007

At Trinity Episcopal Church the pleasant,historic environment of old Towsontown still thrives at 120 Allegheny Avenue, in the middle of bustling, high rise, modern Towson, the seat of Baltimore County, Maryland.

The congregation of Trinity stands upon a long history of traditional worship plus community sharing, in continuity. Trinity Church began in 1839 as a small group of Episcopalians meeting in the Epsom Chapel, a Methodist church that was located amid what is today the Towson Center parking garage. Because the Epsom Chapel was not preserved while Towson grew from town to metropolis, Trinity is the oldest church edifice in the Towson area.

The original church, which constitutes the nave of the present building, was dedicated on Ascension Day, May 20, 1860. The church was designed by noted architect Norris Starkweather in a conservative Romanesque style. It is constructed of limestone donated by John Ridgely of Hampton. All additions and other church buildings are made of stone from the same quarry in Texas, Maryland. The nave is centered on a direct north-south line with the cross corridor of the original Court House.The chancel and the baptistery in the west transept were added in 1892. The present sanctuary was built in 1926. The Moller organ, built in 1939, was enhanced in 1978. The Lee Chapel in the east transept was added in 1960 on the One Hundredth Anniversary of the church.