Money, Ministry, and Mission

Here at the midpoint of the year, I want to give you an update on Trinity’s budget situation. Your Vestry has taken important and promising action since our annual meeting in February, but we are still working from the same deficit budget we presented at that time. Our financial outlook has improved, but at the cost of staff hours—for some as much as 25%—and remains contingent on meeting ambitious fundraising goals. I am confident and grateful that your Vestry and the Finance Team are leading us forward prudently, but it is going to take all of us to keep us going in this positive direction.

Our fundraising plans include events like selling parking on July 4, spaghetti dinners, etc., plus a “Ministry of the Month” stewardship initiative. Each month we will highlight one of Trinity’s ministries with ETimes articles, messages from the ministry teams during Sunday announcements, and the opportunity to make freewill offerings in a donation box out in the narthex (lobby). The idea is to build excitement for everything our ministry teams are doing and inspire more engagement with our ministries. Your freewill offerings will also give us a tangible measure of where the interest and energy are greatest at Trinity.

Meanwhile, despite her reduced hours, Laura and I are working on congregational development projects with a couple of lay leaders. These projects include creating weekday worship opportunities with our preschool families, reaching out to our immediate neighbors in new ways, creating systems to welcome and incorporate new siblings in Christ at Trinity, and reinvigorating our formation and fellowship opportunities to strengthen our life in Christ. We welcome any other parishioners to be part of this work drawing people to our mission to worship God, serve others, and grow in faith.

In peace,