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Small groups meet on Sunday morning at 11, Sunday afternoon at 4, Tuesday morning at 10 and Thursday evening at 7

Beginning January 17 – 5 Sessions on Civil Discourse

  • As a culture, we share many more values than we think we do.
  • In hour- long small group Zoom sessions, we will talk about civil discourse as a skill we can personally develop and use to build healthier communities.
  • Our small groups will view and discuss a series of 3 – 6 minute videos by representatives and teachers from across the church who model civil discourse as “conversation intended to enhance understanding.”
  • The goal of these conversations is to be in deeper relationship and to more truly know the dignity and worth of each other.

Week of
Jan 17 – Civil Discourse in Context:Grace-Filled Responses
Jan 24 – Tenets of Civil Discourse:Suspend Judgement; Disagree & Love
Jan 31 – Values-based Conversations: Remembering What We Have in Common
Feb 7 – The Complexity of Policy:Values and Priorities
Feb 14 – Sacred Space for Debate:Difference is Holy

The following are resources and videos that will be used in the program.

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