“My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:2-10

The Apostle Paul, who wrote letters to the Church in Corinth with much fervor – and sometimes with eloquence, is quoting what he heard God say to him. This was after Paul complained to God about a “thorn in his side” making him weak.

One thorn in my side right now is trying to keep up with ever-changing media.  All the VHS tapes of my children as babies, all the old family photographs, all the audio recordings of relatives talking about their lives – all of those treasured records of our family history are in danger of not surviving.  I had vowed to spend this summer finding ways of preserving those memories in the newest digital forms. But there are so many, many photographs of generations of my  family that I find myself feeling overwhelmed and powerless about what to do with them.  This week, on my day off, I finally researched the best ways of preserving photographs. And I felt a surge of power.  YES – Sometimes, when I feel at my weakest; when I “hit bottom,” a burst of inner strength appears in me from what seems to be nowhere.   Perhaps this is what Paul was talking about. It is when we feel at our lowest that we are most able to appreciate the Staying Power God provides  us in our weakness. .

During this long, hot summer, when the temptation is strong to stay home on a Sunday morning, I regret to say that sometimes the sense of obligation to worship every Sunday tugs at me like a thorn in my side. But then, I am reminded of the faithful people of Trinity Church who form our prayerful and supportive community. Your Staying Power during this time of transition boosts my Staying Power.  Thanks be to God.

Kathleen Capcara, Lay Associate for Parish Life.