Sunday School – Children age 3- 6th grade



Love First - Collette PottsThis is Trinity’s first year implementing LOVE FIRST as our Sunday School method. This program is centered in the summary of love taught by Jesus: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Given the busy lives of most families, we are keeping our message understandable even for those who can only attend sporadically. At Trinity,LOVE FIRST will encourage inter-generational service projects – recognizing that children and youth can be ministers who actively help others. Following Jesus’ teachings on the most important commandment, our first quarter will focus on Loving Yourself, the second quarter on Loving Others, and the third quarter on Loving God. Both Bible stories and contemporary books with practical life applications will be used to inspire the children and their teachers during their weekly gatherings.

Love First: Sunday School Schedule of Lessons 2019

  • Sept 8    Second Sunday Breakfast – no class
  • Sept 15  Love Self:  Self- esteem & acceptance
    • Book: The Invisible Boy
    • Project: Mosaic Mirrors for self & homebound people
  • Sept 22  Love Self:  Self- esteem & acceptance
    • Bible: God Chooses David Over His Brothers.
    • Book: Chrysanthemum
    • Project: Grout Mosaic Mirrors
  • Sept 29  Love Self: Blooming where you are planted
    • Books: Exclamation Mark! & Gorilla Gardner
    • Bible: The Sower Parable Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, Luke 8:4-
    • Project:Make seed bombs with native Maryland seeds
  • Oct 6   9:30 Animal Blessing in Memorial Hall – no class       
  • Oct 13   Second Sunday Breakfast – no class
  •  Oct 20  Love Self & Others:  Self-Friendship
    • Book: The Name Jar
    • Bible: Healing of the Paralyzed Man Matt 9:2-13
    • Project: Pop up cards for college students
  • Oct 27  Love Self:  Names
    • Book: In God’s Name
    • Project: Images of God  Given a wide range of art materials and paper, each person will express an image of God that has meaning for him or her. 
  • Nov 3   Love God: Baptism & Names
    • Liturgical Action Lesson: Godly Play Baptism
    • Project: Decorate Baptism/name candles
  • Nov 10   Second Sunday Breakfast – no class 
  • Nov 17  Love Others: Thankful for our church
    • Trinity Church Work Day (inside & outside)
    •  Participate in inter-generational workday project AND Plant seed bombs 
  • Nov 24  Love Others: Thankful for What We Have  
    • Book: Those Shoes
    • Liturgical Action Lesson: Godly Play Advent
    • Project: Make Advent wreaths & decorations for church bulletin board
  • Dec 1  Love Others: Consumerism & Sharing  (Surprise Shop Open House)
    • Book Those Shoes
    • Bible: Jesus’ Teachings on Giving to Others Luke 6:38, Luke 12:33, Matt  6:21,
    • Project: Participate in Outreach Committee’s Christmas project
    • Begin Sign-up for Christmas Pageant
  • Dec 8    Second Sunday Breakfast – no class
    • Continue Sign-up for Christmas Pageant 
  • Dec 15 Love Others: Hospitality
    • Book Stone Soup
    • Bible:  Abraham, Sarah & the 3 Strangers Gen 18:1-15
    • Final Sign-up for Christmas Pageant
  • Dec 22   Christmas Pageant Rehearsal in Church
  •  Dec 29  Christmas Break – no class

For more information on the theology and practice of  LOVE FIRST.