The Lord has Created a New Thing

For the Lord has created a new thing on the earth: a woman equal to a man.
Jeremiah 31:22

May 11 at 11 am The Philadelphia 11 event at Trinity welcomed over 50 folks including registered attendees, panelists, and volunteers. Designed to attract people from the greater Baltimore area who wanted to find out more about or to re-experience those years that changed the Episcopal church in one very important way: 50 years ago 11 women presented themselves to be ordained as priest and challenged our church to include all people in all holy orders.

Trinity’s well-known hospitality happened thanks to our staff and four volunteers who brought off this event with efficiency and grace.  The event began with the film, followed by lunch, and a panel with questions from the audience about the film and about the panelists’ experiences as women who were ordained in the early years.  Our panelists were: The Rev. Dr. Carter Heyward, one of the Philadelphia 11, the Rev. Anne Weatherholt, and the Rev. January Hamill. Revs. Weatherholt and Hamill were among the very first women priests serving in the Diocese of Maryland. Our Diocesan archivist, Mary Klein, moderated. The first woman rector in the Diocese of Utah, The Rev. Sr. Barbara Smith, OCD, was among the attendees.

This event was self-supporting and offered an experience that many of the attendees said touched them deeply.  Quite a few folks stayed for a while afterwards to chat about what they had seen and heard.  Truly this was an amazing experience!

The Rev. Liz Masterson