You shall also love the stranger

Some late-breaking news from our partners at ERICA: The Episcopal Refugee and Immigrant Center Alliance

You shall also love the stranger.
                                                Deuteronomy 10:19

The Outreach Team is excited to announce that we have established a relationship with an Afghani family, the Allumis, who have just moved to Towson. This family of 9 includes mom and dad and their 7 children, ranging in ages from 25-10, who are receiving financial and legal support from Global Refuge (Lutheran) and our Cathedral’s ERICA ministry. They are looking to us for help integrating into Towson, connections to local jobs (for those who can work), and support getting to and from school and camp (for the younger family members). We’ll have updates with specific needs and requests as this relationship deepens, so keep an eye out for more news soon. If you feel moved to assist with this project, please contact Laura at

Yesterday morning we got a call from a parishioner at St. John’s Western Run, Judd Anderson, asking for assistance in helping a woman from a different Afghan family whom they are sponsoring in their application for asylum. Fatima Mohammadi is 27 years old, attending intensive full time English classes at Towson. She has separated from her husband and needs housing near Towson (a room and bathroom) for 4-5 months till she gets her work permit (pro bono lawyers working on it). The folks at St. John’s are willing to cover rent to anyone who needs a roommate/housemate and would also need rent. If you have any connections or leads to offer please contact Judd Anderson at or 410-913-3773.