You Shall Love the Stranger

You shall love the stranger…

                                    Deuteronomy 10:19a


Our relationship with the Alimi Family, recently immigrated from Afghanistan, continues to grow and bear fruit. It is a joy to see our fellow parishioners so energized by this life-giving work. Here is the latest update on what your Outreach team has been able to do and what help is still needed.

  1. Claire Hudson is working with Mr. and Mrs. Alimi to help their children select their schools and course work.
  2. The Alimi’s youngest child is now attending camp at the Y and absolutely loving it. Claire Hudson, Joanne Lindsay, and I believe others will cover 8:30 am drop-off and 4 pm pick-up for weeks 6/17, 6/24, 7/8, and 7/15, BUT we need drivers for am and pm pick-ups for the week 7/29. Please contact Ted Miller or Claire Hudson if you can help.
  3. Carolyn Hart continues to help one of the Alimi daughters with her nursing goals and employment at a possible nursing/rehab facility. Mary Helen McSweeney has offered some good advice but will soon be leaving for an extended research trip to Canada. Please contact Carolyn Hart if you think you can help.
  4. Trinity Outreach has donated some money for transportation via Uber or Lyft. That will be administered by ERICA. Ted Miller or someone else from Outreach plans to help Mr. and Mrs. Alimi download the apps and learn how to use them.
  5. Ted also recently rode the Loop (bus) around Towson with Mr. and Mrs. Alimi and one of their daughters. That daughter has been walking to the Towson library twice a week for tutoring but now feels confident to use the Loop on her own.
  6. This same daughter needs a summer job. We need someone to assist her in finding part-time summer employment. Please contact Ted Miller if you have time to help her with that.
  7. Patrick Duffy is in the process of repairing another daughter’s computer and is assessing the whole family’s computer needs.